Tri-Force Race Series

The Tri-Force 2016 race series is a select number of triathlon races in Hertfordshire and the surrounding area. It foster's friendly rivalry between members of the club and gets Tri-Forcer's racing together. Not a member? Join Tri-Force Triathlon Club

Tri-Force Triathlon Club - Tri-Force race series 2017

We had some good healthy competition going in 2016 and we'd like this to continue in 2017. Next season we'd like to see even more club members at these events - those of you that have been to the relays will know how much more fun it is at an event if there are lots of people you know and lots of supporters cheering on Tri Force-ers!! You can enter as many of these as you like but only your best races (based on points allocated) will count.

RULES & Categories up for grabs

....ages as of Dec 31st 2016

Novice Male & Female
1st,2nd & 3rd - any age but must be in your first or second season of triathlon
3 best races to count

Senior Male & Female
1st, 2nd & 3rd - for age up to 39
4 best races to count - must include 1 Olympic/Middle distance race

Vets Male & Female
1st, 2nd & 3rd - for age 40-59
4 best races to count - must include 1 Olympic/Middle distance race

Super Vets Male & Female
1st, 2nd & 3rd - for age 60+
4 best races to count

POINTS and how to earn them!!

Points are allocated for each category for each race with a maximum of 50 points up for grabs.

For example: the first Tri Force Senior Male across the line at the given event will be awarded 50 points, 2nd senior male 49 points, 3rd senior male 48 points and so on. These points will be allocated for each category for males and females.

You can earn extra points:
50 points for completing an Ironman
10 points for taking part in the club relays
10 points for marshalling at one of the HSV events

This year we will again be including the Hertfordshire race series races in our race series, look out for a separate communication about these. This year they will be the ATW races at Stanborough and this year there will be trophies for individual category winners and the winning Hertfordshire club!

The Races: The important bit....

A wide selection of races this year to cater for all abilities and to give everyone in the club a chance to take part in the race series.

All multisport events (Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike or Swim-Run) will count. To be eligible you will need to compete in At Least One of the following:
The Ware Triathlon - May 14th
Hertfordshire Sprint Championships - May 28th
Hertfordshire Olympic Championships - August 20th or 27th (to be confirmed)
The Club Championships - September 10th

For each race you compete in you will receive 10 points when you submit a race report.
1/2 and Full IM will score double
Marshals at either HSV races will score an extra 10 points.