Chris Brown – Centurion metric 100km race report June ’19

Much has already been said about the race so I will keep this report brief. It was fantastic to see so many triforcers before and during race and great to participate in a local long distance event.

I had not planned to race yesterday thinking that my body might still be too broken from the 3 peaks yacht race 2 weeks prior. However after some gentle encouragement at the thursday swim session combined with the glorious weather then i made a late entry the day before. I had unfinished business after failing to complete last year and was looking forward to trying again.

The event is well organised and had a fun element with the centurion theme. The swim was thankfully wetsuit legal and had a drummer on a pontoon by the start line, a great idea that made a nice atmosphere. After a pretty rough start t the swim I managed to get onto a set of toes for the rest of the 2km swim and came out onto the bike close to the front. Swim 32min 13s.

I am a bit short of long ride training and wanted to keep a competitive pace and save some for the second lap when i pushed on a little faster. This allowed me to catch and pass a few bikes on lap2. I managed to break away from a small group on the final climb from whitwell and ended up with a decent lead from the bike behind by t2, no idea how many ahead at this point. Bike 2hr 29min 45s

I was a bit shocked at the lack of bikes in t2. I thought definitely top 10 which would be amazing. I got out onto the run and fell into a nice race pace that I managed to maintain through the first lap. One of the marshals said I was in 3rd which I thought I misheard so asked them to repeat again. I received extra motivation of seeing my family at the end of lap 1 and then lots of triforcers on lap 2. Definitely kept me going plus I could not see 4th place behind so I kept thinking about how far from home I was prepared to give someone a race for 3rd place! Run was pretty gruelling and managed to finish in 1hr 7min 30s

At the finish line it was amazing to hear that I was 3rd overall! Totally smashed expectations and really cool to get on the podium.

Total time 4hr 12min 15s

Well done to everyone racing yesterday and to active training world for organising.

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