Daniel Ashcroft: Southend Sprint Triathlon 16/06/19 Race Report

Enjoying a weekend away with the family and of course a Fathers day Triathlon entry as present from my Boys everyone’s a winner👍😎🥳

My email in the week stated I was in wave one with the speedsters going off first with a wave of about 75 people. With a very rare Triathlon start time of 10:30 due to the tide times (I could definitely get used to later starts) The Race brief was at the seas shore line the wind was strong and you could see we were in for a tough swim. It was an out and back but along the shore line.
I had chosen to get out into a lot deeper water away from the shore and slowly come back inland for the turn point this put me in a very good position at the turn and I maintained position getting out of the water in 7th place.

T1 slightly slower than normal but after being beaten up by the waves then having to run up a shingle beach (ouch) I took an extra few seconds to ensure I didn’t get a stone in my shoe.

Onto the Bike and Southend is nice and flat would be a very quick course if they had shut a few of the roads so we didn’t have to stop at traffic lights 🚦 costing me loads of time as I seemed to get caught at every single one 🤬😬 with the wind still strong we were being pushed around but it felt more of a Sunday ride out due the the traffic light stops and chatting with competitors while you wait for the green light 🤦‍♂️😂😂 as we came into our last 2miles of the bike I had 4/5 people jockeying for positions around me so new I’d need to do something on the run.

T2 nice and quick bike racked helmet off a rub of my feet and into my trainers off I go 👍

The Dreaded Run I’m slowly getting some run legs again but not the fitness side of it yet!!! I looked down at my watch to see I was at a pace that I New I wouldn’t be able to commit to for the 5k so I reduced the speed down to what I’d be happy with running before the race started. It was a lovely run on a 3lap course with a run along the sea front wall and you guested it the Wind really did stop you in your tracks, this time it it was accompanied with sand (wish I had my 😎 sun glasses) people were using other runners as a bit of wind break just to give themselves some rest bite from it. Coming into the finish It was lovely once again to have my cheer squad cheering me on 👏🥳🏅

A great Fathers Day for me finishing in
10th Place overall
5th Place in my Wave
2nd Place in Age Category
Time of 1hr 20mins 22sec

If you are into triathlons for Racing this is not a venue for you, but if it’s an enjoyable weekend away with kids or if it’s a low key very friendly event give it a go.

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