David Clayton – Race Report – Centurion June ’19

According to Garmin

Swim 32.51 T1 5.38 Bike 2.59:02 T2 2.15 Run 1.30.52 Total: 5:11.23

According to chip (sorry something looks wrong about the chip times)Swim: 35.12 T1 2.50 Bike 03.00.50 T1 1.55 Run 1.25.12 Total: 5:06:01


I was motivated to enter the Centurion (Metric), by the need to lose some pies. Weight in at 98.8kg after Christmas I needed something to focus the mind a bit. Having never done a triathlon longer than an Olympic (about 7 years ago) it look like perfect motivation!Race DayRace Weight: 89.4kgFirst incident of the Day: Major Sorry to Ian for not managing to zip your wetsuit up.


My goal going into the race was anything sub 35, so was satisfied by a sub 33, though as I only got into any sort of rhythm on the 2nd lap I think there is some room from improvement. The First lap was the messiest in any race of done, people seem to everywhere and always seem determined to swim the line that they wanted even if you were on it. Due to messing around with Ian wetsuit, i wasn’t on the front of the swim when the gun when off, which could have been a difference to previous races I have done.T1:Second incident of the Day: Karma caught up with me, my wetsuit got stuck! I couldn’t get it off, after a minute so of fighting, a marshal took pity on my had freed me!


My goal, was to complete it, last duathlon I did I averaged about 27.8kph, so based on that and distance was hoping for anything over 25kph which would a been a 3.15 ride. Adjusting my clip on TT bars (making them wider), was a risk a week before the race, but it turn out to be a good move, I was able to sit in TT position for much longer than normal. Also, I replaced my wheels and rear cassette (more later) last week (old ones over 11 years old, so replaced then with a new 60 quid set — big spender me!). Starting the bike I was passed by a constant stream of cyclist with very shiny looking bikes!, once on the “loop” section, I was passed by Simon, who disappeared out of site very quickly, Stephen then passed me, but I was just about able to hold him in sight, Gary came passed on the second lap, he joined Stephen in the distance. Up to this point I was averaging about 27.8kph, which I was pleased with, but last time faffing around at the fuel station (must come up with a better fueling strategy next year), this meant I lost Gary and Stephen for good. However, by this point people had stopped overtaking me and I was even picking up the odd person as well!Third incident of the Day: After Struggling up Ballslough Hill, my drive train started making a very loud clunking noise. Panic! What’s broken!! and only about 12Km to go as well! I stopped to inspect. My rear cassette had come lose and was moving from side to side. (note to self, never trust an online bike shop, fit everything yourself!) I got back on and started riding again, working out it made less noise on the big ring and about 16 on the back, which is where I stayed for the rest of the ride (fortunately nearly all downhill). Ian passed me just before Stanborough, and even a brief stop and the traffic lights didn’t prevent me from clocking a sub 3hr time (which I was super happy with).T2 was uneventful even had a quick chat with Ian!


Gary joined us leaving T2 and we all ran together for about 10 meters, then Gary was off like the Triforce Flash! I settled into my running and was happy with running about 5.15m km’s I would be happy with any under 6m km’s, the only issue was the gut couldn’t even think of taking a gel, so it was going to be a tough run. Seeing Stephen is the distance, I used him as a target to chase down and passing him half way through the first lap, then passed Simon on “The Hill”, after that is was a case of holding on and hoping not to see any 6min K’s (only saw 1 due to a call of nature!).Crossing the Line in a 5.11 right at the top end of my pre race expectations. Next year sub 5hrs, training starts tomorrow (can only just walk today!)Thanks for all the support around the course, both before and after (Beer!!), while journeying into the unknown a friendly face must be work a few seconds at least!

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