Emily Taylor – Imperial distance Centurion Race Report June ’19

Firstly, top job James and all at ATW this is a brilliant race and perfect for anyone transitioning from Olympic distance to middle distance or from middle distance to full.

I never do anything by halves, so I opted for the imperial distance this morning. I’d swum in Stanborough lake twice this week and knew the water was warming up so I was braced for a non wetsuit swim this morning. Well done James for sticking your thermometer in a part of the lake which meant we could still wear wetsuits! I took the decision to wear my old, retired wetsuit which looks like a war time relic on account of all the holes it has in it. This was a deliberate choice so that the holes would let in a bit of water and keep me cooler. It worked! The swim course was great, really good visibility of the buoys and I finished in a time of 38 mins, exiting the water at the same time as Darrin.

A bit of sun cream on and then off on the bike. I was determined not to forget the foot down so I didn’t actually clip in one foot until after the foot down point. The cycle course was lovely. I enjoy cycling roads that I know inside and out. Lots of Triforcers to chat to on the first two laps before they sensibly headed back to transition for the metric distance. Darrin, Ian and I cycled together a bit which got me thinking what is the collective term for a load of triforcers? A murder, a gaggle, a cacophony…Darrin suggested a dollop!

The feed station was in a really good location and I grabbed a fresh bottle of water on one lap. Just a suggestion but I wonder if in future years cyclists could be allowed to go straight on and avoid the feed station if they didn’t want anything? It was quite a tight bend to negotiate and personally I’d have skipped it on 3 out of 4 laps given half the chance!

I really enjoyed the bike and was pleased to find the legs could have done further laps. I finished in a time of 5:06.

Next onto the run. The legs took a little while to settle into it. The marshalls were great, especially Triforce ones. Running past the triforce tent and seeing all the metric distance finishers enjoying a cold drink was torture. I was so tempted to stop for a drink! Instead I opted for lots of water and a banana at the next feed station. A poor substitute.

Finally after three laps I spotted the kids at the finish line and we sprinted across together. I finished in the time of 8hr30, and surprised myself by coming third lady!

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