Coached Swimming HSV

Date(s) - 10/10/2019
8:15 pm - 9:15 pm

Hertfordshire University Sports Village


  • Swim Coaching takes place at Herts Sport Village on Thursday evenings
  • 3 Lanes in total coached by 2 coaches
  • Sessions are posted on Facebook members only page prior to each session



Season Periodisation

The training for triathlon swim sessions are broken down into 3 periods of the year:

  1. October to January: Off-season (strength and endurance)
  2. January to April: Pre-season training (pace control, speed work and tempo workouts)
  3. April to September: Speed work

October to January

Programmes are written according to the season these are October to January – off season.

During this time focus will be mainly on strength and endurance and the programmes with lots of drills to work on technique. This time is often referred to as base training as it lays the foundations for training in pre- season and race season training.

January to April

Pre- season training. At this time there will be more emphasis on pace control, speed work and tempo workouts.

April to September

Faster paced work will continue through the race season from late April to September when hopefully you will all have races lined up.

Workouts should be tapered before you target races and if you are new to triathlon the coaches will be able to help you with planning this. Obviously as you are targeting different races the training plans have to continue at the same level throughout the season.

Programmes will work on a 4 weekly cycle with 3 hard weeks then one easy week to allow for adaptations to your body to take place. In order to get the full benefit of the training cycle you will need to attend regularly.

Each programme does have type i.e. muscular endurance, speed etc written in the top right corner.