February 2018 Newsletter

From the Committee

Firstly, apologies for the gap between the last newsletter and this one, work and life pressures I’m afraid. It is good however to see the evenings staying lighter longer and the temperature beginning to warm up, despite the minor hiatus over the last week.
March is the month that the clocks change and it is also when we hold our club AGM. This year this will be on Friday 16th March at 7.30pm in The Goat, Sopwell Lane, St Albans. This is your chance to socialise with your club mates when we aren’t all sweaty, take advantage of the free bar, vote in your new committee members, say goodbye to the old ones and find out what is in store for 2018-19.
In addition, we are holding a Bike/Run and Transition training session on Saturday 24th March, starting at 8.30am at Shenley Lane playing fields. All abilities are welcome as it gives a great opportunity to practice the transition skills that we all often neglect. Please reply to the post on Facebook if you plan to come along.We will be holding our annual wetsuit training session during one of the Monday swims at the Boys School. Watch out for details on Facebook. This is also a great opportunity to practice your swim exit transition skills, plus is always a fun session.Finally, it is the time of year for membership renewals. You can renew you club membership at the link here.

Good luck for the season ahead and we look forward to seeing you at club events.

The Committee


New Members:  A warm welcome to new members Duncan Hale, James Hamilton, Soraya Merrylees, David Mongey, Roger Woodford and William Press who have recently joined the club.
Club Kit – We have club Tri-Suits available in a range of both male and female sizes. These are generally available at the Monday night swim session but I recommend you reply to the post on Facebook if you want one put aside for you as they are selling fast.

Winter Training: The winter training program of circuits and spinning will finish at Easter. The last spin session will be on Tuesday 27th March and the last circuits on Wednesday 28th March. These sessions are a great way to either maintain your fitness over the winter or, if you’ve not been before, a great way to kick start your spring training.

WhatsApp Groups: We have various WhatsApp groups for club members to arrange their own sessions with club mates. Details of how to join these are contained in your new members pack the link to which will be contained in the confirmation mail when you renew your membership.

Keep an eye on Facebook for updates on all the club sessions..

Race Results
  • 7 Jan 2018: Mince Pie Revenge Duathlon: David Mongey 00:53:39
  • 21 Jan 2018: Fred Hughes Run: Chris Brown 01:05:12, Scott Mayes 01:08:54, Gary Kellett 01:13:06, Emily Taylor 01:19:41, David Clayton 01:29:21, Carol Reid 01:37:44
  • 28 Jan 2018: Ashridge Duathlon Sprint: Mark Taplin 01:16:03, Chris Morris 01:33:26, Claire Eadington 01:34:47
  • 28 Jan 2018: Ashridge Duathlon Standard: Gordon Hobbs 02:29:53, Nick Clarke 02:38:41, Emily Taylor 03:04:31, Marcin Milosz 03:15:16
  • 4 Feb: Watford Half Marathon: Richard Vaughan 01:43:06, Scott Mayes 01:47:07
  • 11 Feb Love Welwyn 10k: Carol Reid 00:55:20
  • 18 Feb: Ashridge Duathlon Sprint: Mike Jubb 01:11:14, Mark Taplin 01:15:13
  • 18 Feb: Ashridge Duathlon Standard: Nick Clarke 02:39:15, Tom Oliver 02:57:10, Gary Kellett 02:59:16, Emily Taylor 03:08:15
  • 25 Feb: Hillingdon Half Marathon; Claire Eadington 01:42:08

If there are any other results that have been inadvertently missed, please send an email to triforceraceresults@gmail.com so they can be included in a future newsletter.

Upcoming Races
Don’t forget to add your races to the spreadsheet on the web by clicking here.  A great way to find out if there are any other Tri-Force members at your races. You can still of course use the forum or Facebook for updates. Also don’t forget to post your race reports also on the forum or Facebook.
  • 04 Mar: Cambridge Half Marathon, Welwyn Half Marathon
  • 11 Mar: Bedford Autodrome Sprint Duathlon (Draft Legal)
  • 17 Mar: Ashridge Boundary Run, Clumber Park range of 2018 & 2019 ITU & ETU qualifiers
  • 18 Mar: Ware’s Cambridge Sportive, Oulton Park 2018 ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon Qualifier
  • 25 Mar: Bedford: British Duathlon Championships 2018, Lee Valley Run,
  • 07 Apr: Tri-Force Club Duathlon
  • 22 Apr: London Marathon
  • 29 Apr: Tri-Force “Where” Triathlon


We have a club partnership with the Perfect Balance clinic in Hatfield. Below is the latest in a helpful series of tips and links from them, giving good advice on how to stay fit and healthy.

The hamstring is comprised of three muscles; semitendinosus, semimembranosus and bicep femoris at the back of the thigh. Its main job is to bend the knee, aid extension of the hip and deceleration of the lower leg when it swings forwards in running and other movements.
The hamstrings are usually injured while running fast and over stretching the leg. If you have injured your hamstring the symptoms are usually a sudden sharp pain in the back of the thigh. You may feel a ‘popping’ sensation with a more severe tear. The article below contains advice to help you overcome your hamstring injury and the best form of exercise rehabilitation.

Finally, this is a link to the PB Nutrition E-Book that we may find useful: http://www.perfectbalanceclinic.com/advice/e-books/pb-performance-nutrition-handbook/

Energy Snacks
Are you frustrated at having to buy a whole box of the same flavoured gel or bar, when you would rather have a selection? The guys at Energy Snacks the answer, they allow you to choose from a range of flavours that they will then put together for you. Their website is: https://energysnacks.co.uk/

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