Gary Kellett: Centurion Race Report June ’19

Entered back in October during the early bird offer. Had it in my mind that it was somewhere in the middle between a standard distance and 70.3 race. Early part of the year was generally spent running with non-existent swimming and occasional cycling.

Didn’t think much about training for the event until April/May when I thought a bit more about the distances and realised it was more just a slightly shorter 70.3. Started to cycle commute into London once a week to get some mileage in and reluctantly turned up at some swimming sessions. A couple of longer rides in June watching Ian H suffering on hills gave me boost.

Day before the race I spent of the sofa as I was feeling very poorly. Still turned up to race but with the option to pull out at any time if I didn’t feel well.

Swim: 37m25s. Much better than the low expectations due to lack of swimming and only two outside swims this year. Entered transition with a number of other TFers.

Bike: 02h56m11s. Was on the road bike (rather than TT) and was simply aiming on targeting 3hrs so happy with pacing. Again a number of TFers around me during the ride although Simon P went passed me early on and never seen again on the bike.

Run: 01h21m01s (chip time, actual time around 4mins slower). After a nice sit down and a full change of clothes came out of T2 nice and refreshed. First km was 04m55s which was too fast so tried to slow down for the first lap which didn’t really happen until a short walk up ‘that’ hill. Second lap was a bit slower with a couple of walking stops but got to the end feeling much better than 24hrs previously.

Great to see so many club members out supporting one another.

Now time to start some proper swimming training for the Dart 10k which only just over 10weeks away😯

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