Geoff Morgan – Centurion Race Report June ’19

My Centurion race report ….. I’ll try not to repeat what’s been said before, although thanks to all the marshals and fellow TFers for the support.

In the run up to the event I had in mind a target of sub-7 hours …. Then I checked last years time; 6h 57m, and changed my target to “anything better than last year”. Then during last week I had a nagging pain in the calf/achilles area, so was a tad nervous but rested a couple of days and had my usual short run on Saturday, with no ill effects.

The swim was really pleasant and uneventful. In my usual way I paddled around and even managed to keep in a vaguely straight line, ending up 10 minutes quicker than last year, having swam 300 yards less.

I found parts of the bike leg quite windy, especially the stretch off the main road up to the feed station at Preston, the second lap on this stretch was a struggle, I was pedaling squares for that bit. The pain in my calf was coming & going and was making me quite apprehensive about the run. I found out later the bike leg was 10 minutes slower than last year.

Out on the run, I felt pretty good and was telling myself to take it steady at the start. the legs were behaving themselves, apart from not being quick enough, no change there! Darren passed me as I completed my first lap & I heard the announcer say “5 hours 26 minutes” so I knew if I could do the second lap in an hour I would be under six and a half hours. The second lap was a struggle but unlike last year, I didn’t completely collapse. I managed to maintain my pace (ish) and according to the official time, finished in 6h 31 mins, 25 minutes quicker than last year. The run was under two hours, so really pleased.

This morning my legs feel surprisingly ok ….. apart from being covered in insect bites! This is a really good race, lots of club mates giving encouragement which is a great help. And just to clarify, having found a cap to wear on the run, the hankie was unused.

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