Graeme McTait: ALoha Aquathlon and Stewartby Double Race Report June ’19

Bit late this. So Sat 15th June decided to do the 2nd Aloha aquathlon down at Stanborough as a little warm up for Stewartby the next day just to get the swim muscles going and not intending to push it too hard. Swim went well, quicker than last month at least. Then when getting shoes on got a massive cramp in my left calf. Stretched it off and headed out for a the run and though nothing of it.

Run was fine, passed a few people on the way round, then started getting twinges in the left calf again on the last km back home.

Spent the rest of the days RICE-ing and stretching my leg, think I must have just strained the muscle, hoping this hasn’t just ruined Sunday’s triathlon proper.

So Sunday morning had all the kit ready for Stewartby, but still had this twingy pain in the leg, and was seriously thinking about scratching the race – and probably should have.

But being young and stupid decided top race anyway, I figured that particular muscle wasn’t needed for the swim or the bike, and I could always drop out of the run if it got worse.

So Stewartby; windswept and cold.

Despite the 14 degrees, the water didn’t feel that bad, and after Stanborough was great to actually be able to see the person in front. Picked up a draft early on and just followed them the whole way. So out of swim in 35 minutes (reasonable time for me), decent transition and off for what I found an enjoyable bike ride. Ok it was a bit dull, but you could just focus on getting power down. Lost a bit of time having drunk so much of the lake and need to make a pitstop.

So the run started fine, but within a km the calf starting playing up again, and couldn’t roll off my toes on the left leg. So had to run nearly 9k doing a weird skipping heel strike off my left foot. (So much so that even my Garmin’s gait-analysis report said “WTF?”)

Still, managed to pass Marcin and some others, and with the out and back laps I convinced myself I was catching up on Emily, but no such luck.

Finished in 2:41, a big PB for a standard distance. Will be doing this one again next year!

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