Graeme McTait: Centurion Race Report June ’19

Bit late but here’s my story from the Centurion. The swim start is often a grind a good pace is quite hard to find. So in my wetsuit I farted, just as the ace was started, and scared the poor lady behind.

Now I do not usually swim fast, and many others kept splashing their way past. So while keeping up with the pack, I wasn’t at the back, And was determined I would not be last.

After two laps the race was not yet won, The drummer was still out in the sun. So while grinning with glee, and having a quick pee, was back out and off to T1. On the bike and out in a flash, it was clear that I needed to dash. Passing people with ease, this felt like a breeze, I just had to make sure i don’t crash. Hours later the sun it was bright, saw Emily ahead in my sight. She said “don’t you see? Why are are you doing lap three? For the metric you should have gone right.” Missing the turn you can imagine was sad, Getting lost going back made me mad. Now cant post this on Strava, I’ll just let in a lather, the sooner this ends I’ll be glad.

The run started off pretty good, but in the panic i’d forgotten my food. 16k’s not that far, though i don’t feel up to par, I just hung on the best that I could.

On lap 2 the best I could do run-walk-run to the line, I was through. It isn’t much fun, when you bonk in the sun, but that cold beer was much overdue.


Decent swim. Good speed on the bike, passed loads of people. But somehow missed the turn back through Kimpton. Must have had head down at the wrong moment. So took a long detour on the way back, forgot to keep drinking, so bonked badly on the run.

Will be back next year to do it properly

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