Hertfordshire Sports Village Triathlon

2013 May Results

Male: Winner: Robert Quantrell, 2nd: Paul Lucas, 3rd Panagiotis Kyrtatos

Female: Winner: Kat Berry, 2nd: Lientjie de Villiers, 3rd: Christine Pout

2011 September Results

Male: Winner: Mike Jubb
2nd: Robert Quantrell
3rd Chris Penn

Female: Winner: Christine Pout
2nd: Esther Hamill
3rd Sylvia Ross

2011 May Results

Male: Winner: Darren Treadaway
2nd: Mark Portman
3rd: Robert Quantrell

Female: Winner: Lientje de Villiers
2nd: Christine Pout
3rd: Esther Hamill

2009 Men’s Results

Male: Winner: Andrew Jakeman
2nd: Kevin Dean
3rd: Paddy Brice

Female: Winner: Ceri Ruzzi
2nd: Kate Chadwick
3rd: Rebecca Denham

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