Ian Mawdsley: Box End Sprint Report September ’20

Seems some had some successful stories yesterday and at the Standard distance on Saturday. Have to say from a personal point of view, despite a decent amount of training this year, I had a better day marshalling on Saturday than competing on Sunday! 😞First off, always prepare by studying the course, including the swim. Of course I didn’t do that and was left turning the first right hand orange buoy, looking for the next orange buoy to turn on to the home leg, that’s usual right? Wrong! As i watched all the swimmers behind me cut a sharp right after the ONLY buoy, i realised i wasn’t on for a PB swim! And yes, well over a min above my predicted time, coming in at 13.58.Still, a chance to make it up on the bike, a relatively flat course i was told. As i left the first turn from the mount line, i slipped my left foot comfortably into my shoe and then slipped……and fell, trying to get my right foot in. Hit the curb hard, cut leg, cut arm, not my day! After that the ride was quite nice, taking in some good lanes, as well as a chance to put the hammer down on the tri bars in some long straights. 39.21 not the worst.Was that it, oh no! Despite being told it would be a grassy run, i decided to leave my casual trainers in transition, and my intended trail shoes in the car. Slip n sliding all over the place, i intended up being overtaken by an entire cast, coming in with a very sorry 25.55.Am I upset and angry? Hell no, totally thrilled to be back racing. Well done to James Shipley and the team at Active for putting on another fantastic event, despite all the challenges presented to them.Still have Hever Castle Sprint end of the month – and plenty to think about prepping for that one!

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