Jon Latham Deva Triathlon Olympic Distance June ’18 Race Report

Did this for the first time today and it’s my home town race and an age group qualifier so i thought i’d write a report for once…..

As an intro i have to say the organisation of this race was top notch. A middle distance and standard distance event with 1,200 competitors and everything ran like clockwork. It was £63 to enter and the race pack was really good – excellent instructions, loads of stickers and tatoos for legs and arms and nice tee shirt and towel to boot! As an age group qualifier for both this year and nexts years worlds the field was really strong with all age groups putting in a strong showing and some seriously fast guys and gals (and of course nice kit!)

Swim is in the River Dee – 850 upstream and then a 650 metre downstream although most people i talked to thought it measured up 100m long this year (mostly upstream!)

I misjudged what was my first river swim slightly and think i was in the current as was very disappointed with my time of 31 mins. But hey ho. The T1 is quite long as the timing mat is from the swim exit and then you have to run up the hill and steps to transition.





Onto the bike – a countryside course that is pretty good, some hills but nothing too long and some nice fast sections. And it goes through my home village of Farndon so was hard not to stop at my mum’s for a cup of tea….. bike time 1:08

Onto the run. Three laps of a somewhat undulating course around the river and the Ancient Roo Dee. The run was a bit longer than the normal distance at 6.4 miles and the hot day took the toll on many – i had to work hard for my 49 min run time….

All in 2:32. Was aiming for sub 2:30 but given the poor swim i can’t complain. (And 116% of age group winner so i won’t be an age grouper anytime soon…)

Highly recommend this race – one of the best i have done (and hosted by Chester Tri club so fellow lovers of the sport!).

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