Jon Reilly IM Tallinn August ’18 Race Report

Hi Triforce,

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get around to writing this! Just a little report on my experience at IM Tallinn a few weeks ago.

The lead up to the race was fraught with worries of a cancelled swim as the water temperature had dropped from a balmy 22 degrees to a frigid 12 degrees in a matter of days, caused by an Arctic upwelling of icy water! Luckily it warmed up to 15 degrees so a full swim was on. The swim was great, nice flat water, just a little cold! I came out of the swim 8th in the age group and moved up to 4th through transition.

The bike course was not particularly scenic, but extremely fast! A couple of torrential downpours made the technical sections a little tricky. I managed to take 20 minutes off my previous Ironman bike time (a new bike helped!)

The marathon course took on some of the highlights of Tallinn old town with great support on the way around, there were however, a couple of extremely steep hills to negotiate. I tore my calf 6 weeks out from Ironman so I was very happy with my run time in the end with the lack of run training due to injury.

I finished 17th in a very competitive age group with a time of 9:35, around about 20 minutes off the Kona slots! Tallinn was a great venue for the inaugural Ironman Estonia, they put on a great event! It’s a lovely place for post race sightseeing too, highly recommended to other Tri-Force folk!

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