June 2016 Newsletter

The return of winter in the last week has accompanied the ramp up of the racing season. As you will see below, there have been a lot of races in which club members have competed over the last month. To pull out a few highlights from these:
ETU Sprint Triathlon European Championships. Congratulations to Trace Allen and Carly Dollman who both competed and finished 8th in their age groups at the race in Lisbon.
HSV Tri, our club race was, once again a huge success with many favourable comments from the participants. It was good to see one of our own, Laura Addie, win the ladies race. Congratulations Laura.
Herts Club Championships, despite winning four of the age-group categories (congratulations to Mike, Tamsyn, Helen and Kate) we were again just pipped to the title of club champions by Hoddesden. There was only one point in it. Next year is our year!
ITU World Championships. Frankie Durbin, Laura Addie and Trace Allen all qualified for the ITU Sprint World Championships in Mexico in September.
The next club duathlon is planned for Saturday 2nd July but we currently have no timekeepers. If you are free for an hour and a half on that morning and can help, please contact Eleanor Standen to arrange the details.

Finally, an early warning that there will shortly be another chance to order some club kit, keep an eye on the forum for more details. You can see in the picture below how good this looks.

Happy racing, stay safe, and look out for each other out there
The Committee

Membership Fees

At the last Committee meeting there were a couple of the members that admitted to not yet paying the annual subscription. If you also have not paid yet, a gentle reminder that this was due at the end of February.
It would be embarrassing for everybody if you were prevented from joining a club session or taking part in the next duathlon, due to non-payment of the subscription.
The link to re-new your club membership is:

Club Velodrome Session
The question was asked in the April newsletter if there was any interest in a potential club session at the Olympic velodrome in Stratford. Only two people replied, but several others admitted to not recalling the question being asked.

If you are interested in a club velodrome session please reply to or let a member of the Committee know. Date and cost all tbc depending on numbers interested.

Those that replied to the previous post, need not do so again – your names are on the list!

Race Results
Please don’t forget to post on the forum which races you have entered and your result. Alternatively email them to triforceraceresults@gmail.com and they will then be published in a future newsletter.
15th May HSV Triathlon: Paul Lucas 01:01:57 (3rd overall), Kevin Dean 01:08:53, Mark Herlihy 01:10:48, Laura Addie 01:10:49 (1st female), Mike Trotman 01:13:19, Michael Cloke 01:13:25, Dani Pruett 01:23:08, plus from Tri-Force Juniors, Naomi Holt 01:24:12 16
15th May Chiltern 100 Sportive : 8:06:03 Findlay Guerin 8:06:05, Peter Binks 8:06:08, Lloyd Rees 8:06:03
22nd May – Grafman Middle Distance; Pete Eggleston – 4:25:52 (15th overall, 1st MV45), Alex Gillot – 5:22:38 – 48th MV30, Tom Oliver – 5:23:21 – 50th MV35, Heather Hobbs 5:29:55 (8th FV45)
22nd May – Dorney Lake Sprint (ITU Sprint World Championships Qualifier) Frankie Durbin 1:16:30 (2nd AG), Laura Addie 1:17:54 (4th AG), Trace Allen 1:30:41 (1st AG). All three qualified for the World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico in September.
27th May 2016 ETU Sprint Triathlon European Championships Lisbon: 25-29 Female Carly Dollman – 01:13:39 (8th F25-29), Trace Allen 01:30:41 (8th M70-74).
29th May – Herts Triathlon Club Sprint Championships: Mike Jubb 01:10:02 (1st AG), Jonathan Douglas 01:14:12, Chris Brown 01:14:30, Sean Jennings 01:14:36, Tamsyn Clark 01:16:19 (1st AG), Graeme McTait 01:20:42, Helen Macfarlane 1:28:07 (1st AG), Darrin Dexter 01:28:25, Roland Beton 01:29:49, Dani Pruett 01:39:00, Geoff Morgan 01:40:39, Carol Reid 01:43:15, Kate Gardner 01:57:10 (1st AG).
29th May – Herts Triathlon Standard: Paul Hewett 02:17:53, Chris Hall 02:19:55, Paul Lucas 02:19:58, Dawn Burr 03:02:16, Joseph Whatnall 03:03:26.
29th May – Outlaw Half: Richard Vaughan; 06:09:54
5th June – Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo (82 mile); Graeme McTait 04:14:02
5th June – 3 Counties Sportive (100 mile); Richard Vaughan 7:04:15

Club Events
The latest club duathlon took place on a chilly morning last Saturday. Good support was provided en-route by Stuart and his boys and he has posted photographs onto Facebook (see above for an example). Finishing times are as follows:
Adrian James 01:09:51, MarkTaplin 01:10:27, Sean Jennings 01:11:27, Graeme McTait 01:16:09, Mike Trotman 01:20:21, Kevin Payne 01:28:55.
Tamsyn Clark 01:15:24, Dawn Burr 01:27:44, Pam Duncan 01:39:18

Full results now available on the forum and on the website:

All Results

As stated above the next duathlon is planned for Saturday 2nd July but we currently have no timekeepers. If you are free for an hour and a half on that morning and can help, please contact Eleanor Standen to arrange the details. Note, you are normally finished by 9.30am, so it leaves the rest of the day free.

The next monthly club cycle ride should take place on June 19th from Marshalswick. Details will be posted on the forum; watch out for that if you want to join.

Upcoming Races
11 June – World Naked Bike Ride in London (you never know, someone may be interested)
12 June – Bedford Sprint 2, Deva Middle, St Albans Half Marathon, Ironman 70.3 Staffs
15 June – Open Water Aquathlon at Stanborough
17 June – St Albans Striders Summer Solstice 10k run
26 June – St Neots Tri Sprint and Standard
3 July – Outlaw Half (Holkham Hall), Cowman
There may well be other events that people have entered. If so, please update the post on the forum so your club mates can look out & shout for you.

More Podcasts
After mentioning a couple of triathlon specific podcasts in the April newsletter, another relevant podcast has recently been released …. Tower 26 is a tri-specific, swimming podcast (thanks for pointing this out Chris). http://tower26.com/podcasts-2/
Finally, as we enter the Grand Tour season I think it worth mentioning some cycling specific podcasts:

  • The Cycling Podcast: this is free weekly podcast, with daily editions during the Tour and Giro. You can also become a Friend of the Podcast for £10 a year that provides a further 11 bonus episodes over the year. http://thecyclingpodcast.com/
  • The Velocast: this is a subscription only service that takes more of a magazine approach and charges accordingly, although it can be argued that you get what you pay for. https://velocast.cc/
  • ITV Tour: in previous years there has been a free daily ITV podcast during the Tour with the same presenters as the daily highlights programme on ITV4. I expect similar this year.

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