Box End

MK43 8RW
United Kingdom

Box end is a purpose built open water swimming venue with incredible facilities, it also hosts, waterskiing and wakeboarding events and a Canadian cedar style building overlooking the lakes.

A very popular venue for Open Water swimming for triathlete’s in Hertfordshire. Please use the forum to organise which open water swimming location other members are using each week.


  • Price: £4 (please see Box End Open Water Swimming website)
  • Open water swimming during the summer is informally organised but usually the season starts in late May and finishes in September (weather dependent, please check the forum for details)
  • All swimmers must sign in and out
  • Please note: all open water swimming is unsupervised
  • Members must swim in a group no less than 3 people
  • Please act responsibly at the venue as we are guests
  • Please see the FAQs section for specific questions


Upcoming Events

  • No events in this location