Mark Thomas: Aloha Aquathlon 3 Race Report July ’19

I have survived my first aquathon 💥
My decision not wear a wetsuit was a good one. From the moment I put my toe in the water I knew it would be too hot for a wetsuit. Not that is quickened my transition 🤷‍♂️
Started slightly away from the pack and didn’t get too many kicks during the swim. Only swam into a bouy once 😂.
Felt like I was at the back of the swim pack near the end – especially when I saw runners on the track and I had only just started my 2nd lap 😫

Was knackered after swim and a bit wobbly in transition. I had to sit as well to put trainers on. Teared open a gel and chewed the contents – expecting a fluid so was slightly confused when a lump entered my mouth 😳but it gave me the energy to run.
Thighs were aching to start but once round the lake they started to work hard especially up that bloody hill. Managed to pass a few runners and at the end even raced a junior to the finish.

Happy to have finished and even happier to find out I finished in the middle of the pack (usually finish near the rear).Although my swim was slow my run pushed me up the rankings 💥💥.

Thanks to Aloha Tri for a wonderful race – love the wellies look 😂. Great to see other Tri-forcers out there. Always good if you can speak to a friendly face at the beginning of the race 👊 Daniel Ashcroft Nicola Evans Tamsyn Clark Rebekah Gardiner Graeme McTait

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