Mark Thomas: Stewartby Race Report June ’19

I love reading the race reports – great to read how other people’s analysis of their performance.

I can say I am a triathlete now as Stewartby was my second sprint. Mind you I almost didn’t make it. Took too long in the toilet before leaving home and had to sprint up the A1M to get there there on time.

My club top came through on Friday, which I wore with pride and had a few conversations with club members I hadn’t spoken to before. You really are a welcoming club.

Water took my breath away at the start and had to focus on breathing and stroke to keep going. I was in the middle so was being bashed and bashing, which was quite fun actually. MInd you, the guy beside me was doing breaststroke and was keeping up with me – but I did shave a minute off my last swim. T1 was exactly the same time as last time 3.08 and it didn’t help that I poured conditioner over my foot rather than talc (mix up with pots back home).

I loved the ride especially after the first roundabout when the wind was pushing me on. Riding on the weekends paid off and I shaved 4 mins off my previous race. T2 was faster at 1.08 – roughly same time as last time.

After getting off a fast bike I felt like I was running really slowly – my watch wasn’t set to measure speed to I had no idea of my pace but it felt slow. Had a lovely chat with a another dad about father’s day midway round the course (love the friendly banter). Post analysis I was averaging 5.05 which is the pace I normally run at. Run time was similar to before.

Overall shaved 5 mins off my previous sprint and very happy to finish 1.27.

Had to laugh when we got together for team photo and others said they could have pushed harder. I was wasted and struggled to get back to the car.

Sunday afternoon starting looking to next race – this is addictive. Hopefully in September I will race the standard if I can get my Morton’s neuroma sorted out!

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