Nicola Evans: Aloha Aquathlon 3 Race Report July ’19

The last few years I’ve been focusing on the longer tri events but recently I decided to put a bit of fun into my training and try to speed things up a bit so I entered this.

Well the forecast was for lightning so I didn’t really think it would go ahead. I arrived ready to be sent back home to coffee and warmth. But no, it was all set up and raring to go.

I decided to go without the wetsuit on the basis that I’ve eaten soooo very much ice-cream recently that I need no added assistance with buoyancy. It’s a nice little swim so not worth the faff of putting a wetsuit on and off.

It ended up being a decent decision (in my humble opinion) as the water was warmer than air and felt fine.

I went fairly up the front to start the race as I wanted to get experience of this and get rid of nerves so to attack the swim more. This turned out good too as I wasn’t bumped around too much and felt fine. I did set off a bit quick for me and had to recover a bit and catch my breath.

Swim went really well as I tried to catch and overtake en route. On the last long stretch I caught up with another swimmer I’d been chasing a whole lap then my goggles rode up, then my hat so I had to take them off completely and swim goggle free. I wondered whether I’d be disqualified for taking the hat off.

Struggled the last bit but hauled myself out ok. Over took the man I’d tried to pass in the swim as he was wet suited. Not for long though as my run isn’t fast and he caught me quickly.

The run route was great. I was worried about inclines but achilles held up fine. It was nice to see other competitors on the course, even if they were lapping me! The Marshalls were very encouraging and cheerful as I passed.

Finished 3rd in age category (out of 4) so very pleased. Very glad I did this, great fun and will definitely endeavour to do more. A really good event.

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