October 2017 Newsletter

From the Committee

With the changing of the clocks and the dark evenings drawing in, it’s time for two things: reflect on the season past, and put a good base down for next year. On Friday 24th November we will hold our end of season awards and social at the White Lion pub, Sopwell Lane, St Albans from 8pm. There will be free bar while funds last along with various awards for performances during the year, and a great chance to meet your club mates wearing something other than a swim suit or sweaty gym kit!

Winter is also a good time to start building for next season and the club spinning and circuits sessions are a great way to train over the winter without the hazards of icy roads and pavements. Sarah and Lottie hold the spinning class on a Tuesday night from 7.30pm, whilst Chris and Angie run a varied circuits session on a Wednesday from 8.15pm; both at Fitness First, Christopher Place, St Albans.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

The Committee


New Members:  A warm welcome to new members Dusan Malenka, Matthew Houlden, Stefan Zachorchemny, Scott Mayes, Russell Sessions, Rachel Smith and Steve Alexander who joined the club in the last month.

Club Kit – as you may have seen on Facebook, the first delivery of the new club TriSuits have been received. We intend to start selling these at the club social on 24thNovember on a first come, first served basis. We have a variety of sizes, in both sleeved and sleeveless versions. The price is a very reasonable £55.

Club sessions: Swimming continues throughout the winter as usual on Mondays at the Boys School from 7.45pm, and on Thursdays at HSV from 8.15pm. Spinning is on a Tuesday, 7.30pm, Circuits is on a Wednesday from 8.15pm, both at Fitness First. On Fridays we have a run group from Marshalswick.

Race Results
  • 22 Sep: Weymouth 70.3: Eleanor Standen 05:53:09
  • 8 Oct: Velopark Duathlon: Mark Taplin 00:47:11 (1st in AG)
  • 15 Oct: Hatfield House 10k: Marcin Milosz 00:51:15, David Clayton 00:52:24
  • 29 Oct: Luton Half Marathon: Mark Harris 01:59:46

If there are any other results that have been inadvertently missed, please send an email to triforceraceresults@gmail.com so they can be included in a future newsletter.

Upcoming Races
Don’t forget to add your races to the spreadsheet on the web by clicking here.  A great way to find out if there are any other Tri-Force members at your races. You can still of course use the forum or Facebook for updates. Also don’t forget to post your race reports also on the forum or Facebook.
  • 3 Dec: St Albans Jingle Bell Jog, Watford Santa Dash
  • 10 Dec: Hatfield Santa Dash
  • 17 Dec: Milton Keynes Santa Dash
  • 7 Jan 2018: Mince Pie Revenge Duathlon
  • 21 Jan 2018: Fred Hughes Run
  • 28 Jan 2018: Ashridge Duathlon
  • 4 Feb: Watford Half Marathon


We have a club partnership with the Perfect Balance clinic in Hatfield. Below is the first in a helpful series of tips and links from them, giving good advice on how to stay fit and healthy.

Stretching: Stretching allows specific muscles to be worked for the benefit of increasing flexibility, relaxing muscles and increasing your range of motion.

It can be effective for anybody, but many sports people stretch before and after training and competing to reduce injury and enhance performance. Regularly stretching helps to prevent knots, muscle tightness and soreness. ‘Stretching stabilizes the body’s natural balance and posture, and aligns the joints leading to better coordination.’ It is important to remember that stretching should not be painful, so always stop if you get to a painful point!

Here is a is a stretching advice sheet which the team at PB have put together.

Sleep and Sports Performance: Most of us fail to get enough sleep, at least as much sleep as the experts say that we should enjoy. Nevertheless, most of us manage to make it through the day without too much difficulty, though of course continual sleep deprivation can be damaging to our physical and mental health. In this article on sleep, we will look at some of the research that has been carried out on how not getting enough sleep can impact on the performance of elite athletes, and some of the current thinking on what happens when we sleep and when we don’t get enough of it.

This article will help you to realise how sleep plays a big part in your sports performance.


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