We are delighted to announce our affiliation programme with Perfect Balance Clinic. This is a fantastic opportunity for club athletes to get specialist help to resolve sports related aches and pains as well as reduce the risk of injury re-occurrence.
The main benefits of the programme are:

  1. For athletes meeting club criteria, highly preferential rates on all therapy treatments plus a free initial screening session
  2. For all other club members, special events and offers, highly preferential rates on initial screening session and 10% discount on all other services

 A short Q&A about Perfect Balance and the programme is provided below. If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to contact Heather Hobbs on hh44686@googlemail.com

 What services does Perfect Balance offer?

Perfect Balance are specialists in pain relief and injury rehabilitation, with practitioners in all the main areas, including:

► Physiotherapy                             ► Sports Injury Rehab

► Pilates                                           ► Running Clinic

► Osteopathy                                   ► K-Laser Therapy

► Sports Massage                          ► Shock Wave Therapy

► Podiatry/Foot care                       ► Kinesio Taping

Find out more about Perfect Balance Clinic’s services here (hyperlink please to http://www.perfectbalanceclinic.com/)

How does the programme work?

We have tried to structure the programme to reward an athlete’s achievement and commitment to the running of the club by creating 2 tiers of benefits: Gold and Silver. These tiers determine the level of discount an athlete will receive when having treatment from Perfect Balance. We have determined the eligibility criteria for each tier (see below) – any athlete who meets these standards can benefit from the agreed preferential rates.

These rates are applicable on all treatments listed above except for Shock Wave and K Laser.

Note: If you’re covered by private medical insurance, you will still be able to access these services but Perfect Balance will bill the normal amounts to your insurance company. Any treatments that are not covered by insurance e.g. sports massage will still be offered at the reduced rate.

 What are the eligibility criteria for the programme?

To be eligible for the Gold programme, you must either have qualified as a GB age group duathlete or triathlete or be a top ranked athlete within the club and make an ongoing substantial commitment to the club.

To be eligible for the Silver, you will either be highly ranked within the club or make a substantial commitment to the club.

How many athletes are eligible at the moment and how often is eligibility reviewed?

 At present, there are 16 eligible athletes who have signed up for the affiliation, although a greater number of athletes have been invited and have not yet taken up the offer. Eligibility will be reviewed annually at the end of the season (ie October). If you become eligible, you will be sent an email giving you details of how to register and arrange your screening consultation.

How long will my eligibility last?

Eligibility will be reviewed annually and as long as you meet the criteria, eligibility will be continued for the next year.  We will contact you at the end of the year to confirm any change to your eligibility.

 Does it cost me to register?

 It does not cost you anything to register. You only pay for your treatment at the reduced rates as and when you need it. The free screening offer is also really FREE!

Do I need to be injured to register?

No. Please don’t wait until you are injured to register. If you receive an email confirming your eligibility, the offer will be withdrawn if you don’t respond within required timescales. In the event that you don’t reply on time, you will not be able to register again for the current year, and will only be written to again if you qualify again the following year.

This sounds too good to be true. What do I have to do in return?

 This is indeed a great opportunity, but you genuinely only have to pay for the treatment you receive at the discounted rates. All that Perfect Balance asks in return is that you use social media e.g. Twitter, Facebook to write about your experience

 Can I use Perfect Balance even if I don’t qualify?

 Any Tri-Force athlete can use Perfect Balance but will not be eligible for the discounts received by Gold and Silver athletes. However, all Club athletes will be entitled to claim a 10% discount on all therapy services.

Where do I have to go for my treatment?

 Although Perfect Balance has clinics in St Paul’s & Harley Street in London, this offer only applies to their clinics in Hatfield (Next Generation) and St Albans (Fitness First).

What does the free screening session involve?

 There will be 3 main elements to the screening, which together will take about an hour to complete:

  • a bike assessment to look for leg asymmetries
  • an injury review
  • a biomechanical screen

Once completed, this will enable the Perfect Balance team to understand current or potential issues and give advice on the appropriate course of action. This is aimed at injury prevention.

Following the screening, each athlete will be setup on Perfect Balance’s online exercise database to ensure they get a tailored stretching programme which addresses these issues.

What sort of special events and offers will be available?

 From time to time, Perfect Balance will launch new services (e.g. running master classes from Stan Madiri) and/or run special events (e.g. sports massage pop ups at events), available to all Tri-Force athletes. News about these events and offers will be available via email or on the website.

 Why should I try Perfect Balance?

Apart from the financial benefits, we believe Perfect Balance are really excellent at what they do and that Perfect Balance is different to other companies offering similar services:

The breadth and depth of expertise of the team – Perfect Balance has experienced specialists in all the key areas and an excellent track record with athletes of all levels

  1. The treatment ethos and integrated approach to patient care – Perfect Balance operates as an integrated team to resolve issues quickly as well as identifying and treating the root causes of pain/injury to help prevent re-occurrence
  2. The Commitment and focus on individual patient needs – Perfect Balance recognises that every client has special requirements and prides itself on maintaining a professional yet personal touch.

What have other athletes said about Perfect Balance?  

We have already had excellent feedback from athletes using Perfect Balance services – here are a few of comments from Tri-Force and other club athletes: 

Peter Binks, Tri-Force

 Over the past few years I have turned to Perfect Balance with all my sports related injuries. This has ranged from Lucy Georgiou providing superb care for muscular spasms in my back, through to Ulla Gatzky effectively resolving a whole range of muscular skeletal problems that allowed me to break all of my personal bests in one season, including my holy grail: the Ironman. Thank you very much!

 Mark Taplin, Tri-Force

I would like to highly recommend the team at PB. I had persistent Achilles problems while training for qualification for the Duathlon age group GB team . Stephen treated me with shock wave therapy and lots of helpful advice – stretching , massage etc. Within a few weeks I was building my training back up and managed to qualify for both world and European championships . Many thanks to Stephen and the PB team.

Hannah Lloyd , Herts Pheonix

Thanks to all the help from @PBClinic I came away from Southerns with a bronze medal and a new PB!!

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