Pete Eggleston Silver at 2013 ETU Championships

Pete Eggleston Triathlete

Pete Eggleston has continued his rich vein of form with a superb 2nd place result in the 45-49 age group at the 2013 Alanya ETU Triathlon European Championships


Pos First Name Last Name Country Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
1 Olaf Geserick GER 01:57:40 00:21:28 00:00:35 00:58:44 00:00:37 00:36:54
2 Peter Eggleston GBR 02:00:39 00:25:29 00:00:47 00:56:36 00:00:47 00:37:50

Pete’s report:


Just got back from the European Champs in Turkey. Thanks for the messages on the Deva thread, much appreciated. After many years of trying I finally managed to achieve my dream of winning a medal whilst representing GB, and it feels very good. Race report below:

Swim: non wetsuit sea swim, so I wasn’t expecting a great time and was expecting to be giving up a fair chunk of time to the leaders. I reckon I’m about 3-4 minutes slower without a wetsuit – came out in 25:29, 6th in the AG, which I was ok with. At this point Luce hadn’t pointed out that the 2 leaders were 4 minutes ahead of me at this stage !

Bike: 4 laps on closed roads up and down a dual carriageway next to the beach, pretty uninspiring course and a terrible road surface. I prefer lumpier courses but just put my head down and got on with it, did 56:36 and had moved up a spot into 5th with the 2nd fastest split in the AG. Afterwards I realised that my seat post had slipped, partly due to the road surface and partly due to the fact that I’d missed a bit on the seat post bracket when I’d put my bike back together , very lucky this didn’t ruin my race

Run: 4 laps around the town with a short, fairly sharp hill. By this time the temperature was well over 30. Luce told me I was in 5th as I headed out and name checked the 2 Brits that were in front of me. I knew I was running quicker than these guys so pushed hard and overtook them both on the 1st lap to move into bronze. At halfway Luce gave me a time check on the Italian in 2nd, who was last year’s champion – 30 seconds. I started to believe and pushed hard – by the time we took the turn for the last lap he was in view. Decided to try to take him on the hill on the last lap – felt like my lungs were exploding but tried to look like it wasn’t hurting , probably failing miserably. But I could hear that he was hurting more and as we crested the hill I tried to keep the pace up and gradually started to hear his panting fade behind me. Knew this was it and just kept pushing – crssed the line about 15 secs in front of him and claimed silver.

No doubt that it was the best feeling I’ve had in any race to date. Was nowhere near gold (2:59 away) and given the non-wetsuit swim I was just estatic to be on the podium in any position. A huge thanks to Luce, who was an awesome support before and during the race, as she always is.

Had the weekend celebrating with post-race beer, pina colada, kebabs, chips and ice cream.

Some great Tri-Force performances out there, including 4th from Chris O’Reilly in the sprint, an olympic disance PB for Kev W and another inspirational performance from Trace.

Apologies for the long and rambling post – just needed to download !! Off to Dambuster on Saturday….

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