September 2016 Newsletter

From the Committee

Firstly, congratulations to those club members who participated in the ETU and ITU championships in the last month: Heather Hobbs, Allie Park & Pete Eggleston competed in the ETU Middle Distance Triathlon at Walchsee in Austria, and Frankie Durbin and Laura Addie competed in the ITU World Sprint Championships at Cozumel in Mexico. Their respective results are shown below.

With the season drawing to a close, now is a good time to start planning your winter training to get a good base for next year. As part of this, why not join the club circuits and spinning sessions that will start in October at Fitness First in St Albans on a Tuesday and Wednesday evenings? The exact start date will be posted on the forum so keep an eye open for that. The sessions will run earlier than in previous winters, from 7pm – 8pm, look forward to seeing you all there. Also as part of the winter training, remember to stick an old t-shirt in your swim bag, there will undoubtedly be some t-shirt drills at the Monday and Thursday swim sessions in the coming months.

Many thanks again to all those who marshalled at the HSV tri in September. As has been said several times the HSV races are a significant source of revenue for the club, and can only run with your support. Once again, we received glowing feedback from the BTF officials. Thanks again.

Finally and on a more sombre note, did you see that the chap that crashed during the Ride London cycle ride eventually died of his injuries without regaining consciousness? A cautionary reminder to stay safe out there and think about carrying some form of id, especially if training or riding alone.

Happy racing in what’s left of the year and look out for each other.
The Committee


New Members: There have been several new joiners to the club in the last couple of months.
A warm welcome to: Oliver Smith, Colm Horgan, Rachel Smith, Gwladys Shone, Deborah Spanton, Simon Cipolla, Andrew Evangelou and Karen Murphy.

Club Duathlon:
The final club duathlon of the season took place on 3rd September on a sunny but chilly morning.

The results were: Rob Greasty 01:08:51, Adrian James 01:09:55, Chris Brown 01:11:43, Gary Kellett 01:15:17, Michael Cloake 01:17:07, Graeme McTait 01:17:15, John Shirley 01:19:42, Kevin Payne 01:22:36, Stephen Honey 01:23:59, Nick Clarke 01:24:20, Marcin Milosz 01:26:08


See you all in April for the next round.

Club Championships:
The club championships took place this morning with a small but select group of athletes, Adrian James won for the men & Dani Pruett won the ladies race.

The results were: Adrian James 01:02:46, Chris Brown 01:04:22, Kevin Dean 01:05:32, Darren Lednor 01:08:30, David Mason 01:10:38, Graeme McTait 01:10:41, Kevin Payne 01:11:08, Chris Morris 01:11:52, Marcin Milosz 01:18:48, Dani Pruett 01:21:11, Geoff Morgan 01:25:09, Pam Duncan 01:31:19.

Winter training; Spinning & circuits start in October at Fitness First, Christopher Place in St Albans. Exact start date will be posted in the forum and on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing many of you there over the coming months.

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