Simon Perkins: Ashridge Sprint Duathlon January ’19 Race Report

The weather report said, Sleet, gusty winds 3 degrees but feels like -1 degrees, but as dawn appeared, the sleet stopped and the sun actually started to shine when the race set off, 2 laps 5 km, My effort level was just high enough to get me round without overdoing it. Pleased to keep Darrin Dexter in sight! The transitions were timed at 5 mins for all, so this gave us time to wrap up for the bike & unwrap in T2 for the second run. I took the bike (22km) steadily without risks on the 1st lap & pushed it a little harder on 2nd lap especially after Nettledon up the hill and surprisingly overtook Darrin, I didn’t intend to do this as he always overtakes me on the run! After T2, as expected, the legs were like jelly on the 2nd run of 2.5km, but somehow for me, I managed to keep a good pace until the end.
Great medal and thanks to James Shipley and his team at ATW who did a fabulous job organising today.
Now a relaxing week before starting my intended training program for the Centurion.
Well done to all other TF’ers today!

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