Simon Perkins: Centurion Metric Race Report June ’19

I suppose the advantage of writing a late report is that others have said most that needs to be said, but after Graeme’s report this one is going to be quite bland. I was also waiting to see a picture of myself wearing the Centurion helmet, but I haven’t seen it yet to add to this post, James? Great to see the stylish video of the race posted today though, with the drone footage…more of that next year please!

I’ve started trying to get to club series races earlier than needed as I do enjoy the chit chat beforehand to calm the nerves especially if Ian is racing…never a boring moment!

The swim started well, I was on the left at the front with loads of space. Like everyone else I took the decision to wear a wetsuit, but only for buoyancy reasons as I don’t like swimming in warm water. I took it easy being careful not to overheat for the 1st lap, then increased the pace on lap 2, goggles were hit and the shock made me swallow a pint of the lake in one go, it came up again. After that I regained composure and finished in 37 mins.

The bike was great, again I had hoped to take it easy, but rapidly caught Gary up towards the end of Coopers Green Lane. I then had to decide whether to stay behind or go ahead, my legs weren’t doing much work, so I decided to go for it fully expecting Gary to overtake me again, but he didn’t. I caught up with David just after Kimpton and overtook quite a few others, including a few flashy Tri bikes. I’m glad I decided to race on my Madone as the ups and downs were more manageable. I had a ‘to and fro’ with no.42 for a while. I took one bottle of energy (or hydro drink) on lap 2 otherwise took on 4 apple flavored OTE gels (yum) and 750mls of OTE energy drink. The legs felt great until after Horn hill for the second time, then my lower back gave in! A struggle to keep the speed on the lower Luton road back to T2. Overall time 2:52 pleased with that.

Straight away on the run I knew I had issues, which I couldn’t work out. My legs seemed to want to move but the rest of my body/heart/lungs didn’t! I tried as many strategies I could to get going properly, taking on caffeine gels, water & energy drink at feed stations, pouring water over my head to cool down, getting HR lower by walking a bit, but nothing worked. Gradually one by one TF’ers overtook me: Gary, David, Chris Brown (on his second lap) and then Stephen. I managed to keep Ian behind me but only just! It seemed to me that I just walked the 16k! Run was a disappointing 1 hr 40 mins.

Overall 5:14 and know I could do better, so I’ll just have to enter again next year!

A fabulous race which I see could become iconic! Well done James and ATW team!

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