Tamsyn Clark: Aloha Aquathlon 3 Race Report July ’19

Quick race report before we head off on holiday (Alps and heatwave here we come…)

Um swim – terrible. Beaten up from the start – punched and kicked round every buoy on first lap – so far behind by second I couldn’t do much to limit the damage. All good practice at how to get on with a race when it isn’t going to plan (PMA…)! T1 – 13 seconds (did I mention, no wetsuit) – determined to make up some time I literally sprinted to my shoes, put them on and whizzed out of T1 putting my race belt on as I went. Run – an improvement. I still haven’t nailed the stanborough run course – the rabbit holes and hill take it out of me, but I did a lot better than last time. Ran myself into 2nd place within a mile, but couldn’t catch the lead lady (who beat me by 2 mins in the swim). Just about held off Rebekah to finish 2nd (again). Big thanks to Ravand Suhela for putting on another fun race, and all the marshals (Lehna LG). Well done to the other TFers – hope to see you all at the Herts Sprint Champs in August.

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