Paul Adams Qualifies Kona 2013

Tri-Force is very informal and the emphasis is on fun whilst staying (or getting) fit. You can decide how hard and how often you want to train, and you will find many experienced club members willing to help with advice and suggestions if you want them. Don’t be put off if you’re not very good at one of the sports as it’s never too late to learn.

One of the benefits of joining the club is finding another member at who can swim, bike, run at the same or better letter level than yourself and improve with them!

The general club training program is shown in the calendar below.

Many club members train at one or two sessions, some train at most sessions and some train at none at all. What you get out of the club will depend on what you put in, and how much you get involved.


If you are looking for a training plan to help get prepared for a Sprint, Olympic, Half or Full Distance Triathlon you can visit Active Training World or select the links above


Training summary

DayApril to SeptemberSeptember to April
MondaySwimming (pool)Swimming (pool)
Wednesday10m Time TrialCircuit training
ThursdaySwimming (pool)
Swimming (pool)
SundayGroup cycle ride