Tri-Force members have Swimming Coaching Mondays and Thursday for £2.

Pool Swimming

Indoor swimming runs throughout the year:

  • Monday's swimming is based at St Albans Boys School. (The whole pool) 7.45-9.15pm
  • Thursday's swimming is based at Hertfordshire Sports Village (HSV). Limited to 3 lanes 8.15- 9.15pm
  • Sessions are posted on facebook members only page prior to each session.
  • Members are seeded in lanes based on ability.
  • Members receive coaching for technique and stroke analysis

Open Water Swimming (Summer)

There are a number of locations for open water swimming in Hertfordshire and the surrounding area. Some locations offer coached sessions.  Our coaches do not provide open water coaching, unless t is part of a training day.

  • Blue Lagoon open water swimming, Price:  £2 for Tri-Force members to the club representative. Takes place during the summer months on Saturday mornings 7 to 8 a.m and Tuesday mornings 6.30 to 7.30 am. This is organised via the WhatsApp group. Rules: You must be able to swim 800m, be a member of BTF and club swim caps are compulsory.
  • Stanborough Lake open water swimming. Open for swimming on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, April to September. Tri-Force are meeting as a group in the Summer months on a Wednesday evening for coached swimming sessions.
  • Denhan open water swimming, (see website)
  • Box end open water swimming, (see website)
  • Datchet open water swimming, (see website)

Please see our FAQs with for further information on the Blue Lagoon.. For rules relating to each venue please see each location website.

Open water swimming during the summer months is usually held early on a Saturday morning (usually 7am in the water) although this is organised informally, please use the forum to organise when and which location.

Please see our FAQs with regards to 'what to bring', insurance and general rules. For rules and stipulations related to each venue please see each location website for further information.

Pool Swimming: Season Periodisation

The training for triathlon swim sessions are broken down into 3 periods of the year:

  1. October to January: Off-season (strength and endurance)
  2. January to April: Pre-season training (pace control, speed work and tempo workouts)
  3. April to September: Speed work

October to January

During this time focus will be mainly on strength and endurance and the programmes with lots of drills to work on technique. This time is often referred to as base training as it lays the foundations for training in pre- season and race season training.

January to April

The emphasis on pace control, speed work and tempo workouts.

April to September

Faster paced work will continue through the race season from late April to September to support you with race preparation.

Workouts should be tapered before you target races and if you are new to triathlon the coaches will be able to help you with planning this.

Obviously as you are targeting different races the training plans have to continue at the same level throughout the season.

Programmes are on a 4 weekly cycle- three hard weeks, one easy week to allow for adaptations to your body to take place. In order to get the full benefit of the training cycle you should attend regularly.

Each programme does have type i.e. muscular endurance, speed etc written in the top right corner.