Veronica’s Story

I was persuaded and inspired by Trace Allen to join TF.  I had been a mediocre runner/cyclist for a long time and always fancied having a go at triathlon, but was a pathetic swimmer, ie could swim 30 lengths of terrible breast stroke without getting my hair wet (no swim cap!) and not a drop of water in my eyes 🙂 ….. that’s how good I was.  When I joined the TF swim sessions I thought I might die a watery death after half a length and panicked because I felt I was always in the way, which I probably was, but Helen, in her gentle persuasive way and not wanting to fail, urged me to persevere and I eventually ventured into the blue lagoon.  Well I came away from there in tears, because I failed miserably and just about made it to the first buoy.  My ever suffering husband, Andy, dragged me back the following week, and eventually with the help of my lovely TF companions, bobbed around a whole lap.  It was like swimming with dolphins – they all surrounded me because I was so pathetic – and coaxed me all the way round.  After that I could conquer the world …. and who knows …. perhaps I could do an IRONMAN!
 Veronica Bike
I started off gently with a couple of TF outings to Austria and Barcelona half Iron distances – Barca being the worst day of my life – a sea swim with quite a swell!  When I got out of the water, there were about 4 bikes in transition and Andy and I were in tears – he thought he’d lost me forever!  So onwards and upwards and onto the bike, gaining a few places but not enough and finishing way down the field and vowing never to do another open water event
in the sea ….. I have kept to my word and really never will …. it was a great weekend away though, as it always is with TF ….. treating these events with the respect they deserve, but then celebrating in style when it’s all over!
I eventually made it to the full IM distance – Austria again and then Germany (Roth).  I will never be a great swimmer, my excuse being that I started too late, but in my heart I know that’s no excuse – I just don’t have the confidence that is required.  I still can’t believe that I have achieved what I have in triathlon (albeit not particularly fast), but if it hadn’t been for TF, I never would have done any of it.  IT TRULY IS A GREAT CLUB and if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my club mates, I would never had reached my goal of IRONMAN …. and I have made some great friends.
Just one thing, when I do come back to the TF, remind me not to open my mouth in the changing rooms!  It’s all that locker room talk that gets me into entering such ridiculous events!!

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